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Downsouth insulation has happily serviced the South West and surrounding areas for 20 years providing professional level service with a family attitude. While operating for 20 years and despite being a smaller family run business we have become the go to name in insulation for the South-West region.

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Jill Willis

Fantastic job, great price and they left the house neat, clean & tidy, I can thoroughly recommend them.

Mark Bevan

Andrew was an excellent communicator and an in and out trade. No problems. He then also took the time to inform me of other maintenance concerns...

William Taylor

Great Job. Fast, no mess. Andrew was easy to deal with. Arrived on time. Good value. Would definitely use Down South Insulation again.

We Offer A Range of Services

At Downsouth Insulation we offer a full range of services to insulate your home from the floor to the ceiling. Wether it be an upgrade or a fresh start we have what you need at a competative price.


Fibreglass Batts are the most cost effective batts available, they are the standard in new homes. ... At Downsouth Insulation We install only the Highest Quality Australian made fibreglass batts.


While more expensive than the Fibreglass batts, Polyester offers a "greener" solution to ceiling batts. ... Polyester is also non-allergenic and non-irritative this can be the deciding factor in certain situations.


Underfloor Insulation is great for when you house is raised on stilts. ... It removes the draft, insulates the floor and reduces drumming sounds. If we can fit under there we can install it.


We Offer Removals of all types of insulation. This service is great for when you ... need to repair or change a section of ceiling or if you need to upgrade you insulation to the latest standards.

Fibre Glass

Fibre Glass Insulation

Fibreglass Batts are the most cost effective batts available, they are the standard in new homes and downsouth Insulations most common install. fibre-glass efficiently insulates your house but also comes at a far cheaper price than other products. We use All Australian made Bradford Gold batts, they are insect and vermin resistant, low allergen, 100% bio-soluble, made from up to 80% recycled glass and come with a 70 year performance warranty.


Polyester Insulation

Polyester batts are a Non-irritative and enviro-friendly alternative to fibreglass Batts. At Downsouth Insulation we use all Australian made Bradford Polymax 100% polyester batts, they are environmentaly friendly being made from up to 80% recycled materials, zero waste in production, zero depleting potential and zero VOC emissions. While all our batts achieve the current standard R4.1(contact us to discuss options) polyester batts are more dense than fibre-glass and naturally reduce more noise transmission. As is all our insulation, Polyester batts are insect and vermin resistant.


underfloor Insulation

If your house is on stilts and has cold foors or if you find there is a chilling draft coming up through the floor have us come and quote for Underfloor insulation. We fix Polyester batts between the joists of your floor that stop the wind chill and draft immidiately and add another insulative layer to stop your internal temperature from escaping through the floor. while the batts are made for insulative purposes over acoustic purposes, they still reduce the drumming effect caused by walking accross the floor.


Insulation Removal

There can be many reasons to remove your current insulation, we find the majority of people are looking to upgrade their rating as their insulation from 20+ years ago has degraded and is also far below the standard Rating used today. Other times people might want to repair their ceiling or do major work up there and loose-fill insulation has to be removed. Sometimes insulation can be soiled by vermin infestations and needs to be removed and on the rare occasion a ceiling may have already collapsed and we come in and remove the insulation off of the living room floor! We haven't come accross an insulation that we could not remove, from foams to loose-fills, batts, bags and rolls.

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Family owned

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for 20 years

Hi My name is Andrew Plummer, my wife Heidi and I have owned and operated

DownSouth Insulation for 20 years, We have proudly

serviced the southwest area providing a professional level of installation with

a friendly family attitude.

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